Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Road Trip

I have a ton of news, but it'll have to wait. I 'm driving down to Roswell to drop off material and paychecks today.

I love driving!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Like the average human my life is comprised of a number of activities, requirements, needs, callings, desires, and responsibilities which I juggle as best as I am able. I am not good at time management, nor organization, or objectivity for that matter. So I find myself with way too much to do and way too little time to do it in.

It's enough to make me crazy.

It would be easy enough to relieve the stress. I could take on less when people ask for help. I could let the housekeeping slide, or let go of some of my "projects" so I'd have more time to sleep. I could do any number of things that would be a good idea.

Instead I went ahead and installed DSL at home again so I could stay up all night and have more time in my day for other items.

I do so much of my work online. I create and send clients their designs, manage my photography, volunteer for an organization which restores damaged photos for Katrina victims, manage my stock photography, work as an approver for three photography sites, enjoy my blogs and several newsgroups, and so much more. It's at least two hours a day when I am in a hurry, six when I splurge. Some say I am addicted, but most people somehow see real-time in the office space as different than real-time on my workspace with the computer.

Bottom line... I needed more daytime hours, so I created the space.

I'd say it would make for less juggling, but I suspect I'll fill the extra minutes with new projects and commitments.

I'm nutz that way.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Studio Woes

Well, I went by the studio. I shouldn't have. ::sigh:: The sign below is what greeted me. Ack.


In time
all friendships slip away
into the haze, into the gray
for reasons I don't understand
all friends soon slip
right through my hands
Perhaps because I don't take care
to keep close watch
when they are there
I've never had the chance to ask
why friends all slip right through my grasp.