Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going, Going, Going Green?

Isn't it funny how when you want to do something good for yourself or the world, it's harder or costs more?

I started a diet a couple of months ago, and found that eating right (healthy) is more expensive. I can eat crap all day for just a few dollars (take the McDonald's menu, for example) .

I decided to try and commute to work by bike and bus, and found that the bus runs at hours that won't work for my workday (I work an hour earlier than the bus arrives and an hour past when the bus heads toward my house) and stops way short of the area of town where i work. A bike costs way more than I can afford, and with winter coming isn't a real possibility. Not to mention I have kids that go to school, and there is no bus for them. Finding a carpool hasn't worked out either.

I decided to recycle gray water in my garden, but the rules and regulations for that just slayed me. Plus I can't afford a plumber to install the dang system.

We've been trying to go "green" and use the better light bulbs ($$) and use less electric, but what would really be great is if I won the lottery so I could invest in energy efficient appliances and windows, and make my heating and cooling systems more effective.

(Photo by clix)

We do what we can, and I am sure it will get easier, as all things do. (I can remember when things like microwaves and VCR's were very expensive) It's just great looking for ways to be environmentally conscious now. :)