Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back in the Land of the Working

I went on vacation at the end of July, long overdue if you ask me, we haven't done anything as a family in three years! The plan was to drive to Virginia, drop down into South Carolina for my step daughters graduation from the Marine Corps, and then drive the lower route home.

Unfortunately Keri has suffered a setback and won't be graduating when planned because of a knee injury, so while in Virginia we changed plans and drove north, where we visited Washington D>C, and New York City, and a bit of everything in between. We Stayed in Memphis, Tennessee and enjoyed a couple of days there, stopped in Nashville, TN, to see the full size replica of the Parthenon, visited Virgina Beach and spent five great days there, including a day at Busch Gardens, two days in D.C., and two days in New York City. The drive back took us through Pennsylvania and Indiana where we enjoyed a few more stops. All in all we went through 15 states, (not including the one we started in) and 4,585 miles, or roughly 7,379 Kilometers. The states we drove through/ visited included: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

It was a great trip, we had a great deal of fun. Photos to follow soon :)

So, I came back to find my subscription to DA expired (Oh No!) What looks like Billions of messages, and a pile of work on my desk that virtually ensures I am unlikely to have much free time.

Ah well, it was worth it :)