Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Camping at Jacks Creek

Wow what a camping trip! I have so many photos that I am going to have to dedicate several entries to them, I think. We started out Friday and went the back way and up into the Sangre de Cristo Mountians. (Which is spanish for Blood of Christ) ThroughPecos (small town in the Pecos Wilderness) , past the Benadictine Monastary and the Fish Hatchery, up past the small general store that stands where the road splits to go to Holy Ghost or to Jack's Creek, through Cowels. From Cowels it wasn't twenty minutes until we found the campground, and a great campsite. Ten dollars per car per night gave a us a site where we had more room than we knew what to do with, nestled under Ponderosa and Blue Fir Pines, Aspens and other gorgeous trees. Two thick and large picnic tables sat near the road, but we put our tents up the hill overlooking much of the campground, but giving us a modicum of privacy. The woods stretched wide and deep in every direction.

There was so much to do... hiking, playing in the water, praticing knife throwing and carving skills. I read books and took photos, Brian prowled the woods searching for wildlife. The boys enjoyed the woods for the sake of running and being wild. Keri and Aude took long lazy walks and naps. We played a Neanderthal Stickball (more about that tomorrow) and tag in the woods at night with glowsticks. We cooked good meals, annd enjoyed each others company. It was wonderful. :)

I'll leave ya to the photos for today, and will follow up with more pics tomorrow and day after. Enjoy!

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