Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How I came to be part of the Brady Bunch

Hiya :) My name is Dawn. I grew up in New Mexico (mostly) and then moved away to join the Navy, get married a couple of times, have kids, see a ton of the world and learn more than I expected to learn from hardships. If I learned anything it is to enjoy life and your own company. I came back to Albuquerque and the family that lives here after almost 17 years of being away in 1997. A divorce and some pretty rough times had my two boys, Logan (almost nine at the time) and David (just about two years old) had to learn to start again. There were many big bumps, but we grew very close, very tough, and very independant.

I am a very outgoing personality. I am a woman capable of supporting herself and her family, and I found I loved the role of single mom. When I came to Albuquerque I worked my way through several jobs, started payments on a mobile home, and focused being a good mom. I settled into the life of relative obscurity in a mobile home park, and found ways to make ends meet, to be both mom and dad, and to convince myself that that liking my lifestyle and being satisfied with who I am was the same thing as not being lonely.

I knew I didn't need to be married to be happy. But I forgot what it was like to have a true friend in my life.

And then came my prince charming....
Work and parenting, when you are single, can leave you little time to get out and have much of a life of your own. It is easy to under-estimate the importance of adult company when you've been away from it for awhile.

In the summer of 2003 my sister and a few friends began to coax me out on an occasional weekend to go dancing, go to the lake now and again, to try and date a little more. I met a lot of guys, many of them very nice. But nothing clicked. My nights out went from once in awhile to rarely. School started back again, and my free time diminished dramatically. Halloween was approaching (one of my favorite events) and I began planning our costumes. Ah. Life is good. I love my children soooo much. I didn't regret anything.

Then one evening my kids went to spend the night at Grammies house and I had too much free time on my hands. I decided to go down the street to a Tavern I had been to very few times, and never alone. I figured I'd relax for a bit then go home and watch a movie on TV. Somehow I got into this conversation with a waitress, and before I knew it a bunch of us were taling as if we'd been lifelong friends. Suddenly I noticed a guy standing nearby, not taling, just kinda watching and listening. Oh Lawdy, was he handsome! I would have had some hope, but he was wayyyyy out of my league. I noticed he has a shirt on that meant he worked at the Tavern. I watched him all night, doing that deep-wishful-sigh-thing that we sometimes do when it's hopeless. One of the waitresses (Tracy... awesome girl) and I ended up hanging out that night and I disclosed my sudden crush, and (yes, I admit it) infatuation with this hunk of a man that I knew was beyond my means. Tracy let me in on a secret... that tall handsome fellow I'd been drooling over had been eyeing me as well.

It's a long story from there... and it involves me waiintg for hours on end until 4 am to go on dates for coffee with him when the bar closed. Our first real dates, (movie and dinner) included our kids... my two boys and his two boys and one girl. After three weeks I begged him to drive to Mississippi with me to meet my dad. He went. When we got back it was another two weeks before he asked us to move in with him. We did. (Yeah, I know how that sounds.) We spent our first Thanksgiving together in the same home, less than five weeks after we met. That was over almost two years ago and I am more in love today than I have ever been in my life. He's a great guy. We've got awesome kids. We are a good team, all of us together. Sometimes life throws ya curve balls....

And sometimes you hit the ball and get a home run.

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