Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Week

Photo by Dawn Allynn

I have been working on so much this week... wow... is it a wonder I have time to breathe?

I just got finished updating my new home for the Poetry Dance Hall, and I am still trying to move my other journals over to here. The money I will save leaving AOL will be nice. It's been a move that's been a long time coming, my journals were the last string holding me there.

I have been a member of AOL since 1994. Very odd to think of leaving now. But so much has changed. It's like living in the house you grew up in, except now there's a Mall and a Highway in your front yard, half of your friends moved away, and the property taxes went through the roof. Hard to keep investing in the same real estate when there's better looking housing just down the road.

::sigh:: Ah, everything changes, eh?
Other than the blogs, I have also been trying to catch up at work (not likely if I keep up this blogging) because I only work two days this week.
I also have a sick kiddo with me today. Poor little guy.
Getting ready to do Christmas Portraits for Customers this weekend and am trying to finish up the Gingerbread house backdrop I am creating for the photos.
Driving to Roswell Wednesday to pick up my cousin and bring her to town for the holiday.
Cleaning the disaster my house has become while I lay in bed off and on in the past two weeks with the flu.
Finishing up two websites I am creating for two customers which need to be done by the first of January.
And there's more... but I am just making myself anxious!
I am hoping to get this done and catch up with all my other journaling and blogging buddies out there. If one is you... drop me a line and lemme know where you're at so I can keep up with who I am supposed to visit where!

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