Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wild About Kitties

In my work life I am a person of many coats, I do many different things to not only earn a living but to express myself in how I am growing professionally.

While photography gets me out quite a bit these days, it is not as social as I might like, and when I am doing my IT work I am usually working by myself in a closet with a sever somewhere without much chat time with real people.

This sad trend seems to apply as well to my daily hours as an office manager at an insulation company, where I can go days without seeing another human being in my office space.

This can sometimes make Dawn a lonely individual who just wants some company.

Strangely enough I have found some enjoyment and some unexpected friends in some nearby feral cats who come to my office every day.

In the beginning they were distant, nervous and unwilling to come close, but daily feedings and fresh water have brought them to my door every day as I drive up, and lately even into my office. (they have been known to peer over my desk at me as long as I don't move to suddenly). The plan is to catch them soon and have them spayed and neutered and given shots, and let them go again where I hope they will continue to brighten my day as my little feline friends.

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