Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ick Sick

What a day. What a week. We're finaly recovering from this dang virus, ('cpet I think Keri is getting sick now) and the weekend is here, but it is still nothing but work ahead of us. Keri had ROTC awards today... I couldn't make it because of timing, but I am sure she won something. :) She's like that. Logan ried out for and got the part of an extra in a movie that they are filiming here. The cool thing about his school is that they encourage kids to go to these auditions, and the time on the set counts as class time and a grade. David is still having trouble at the after school program. It is a county funded Community Center Recreation Program, and they know he has ADHD, but they don't care, and treat him bad. He's not allowed medication while he's there, but if his attention wanders they really give him hell. I get so frustrated. Brian is at work tonight. He is a Manager on Friday evenings at a Tavern in town. It's a little extra money, and it is also his night out. He gets to see all his friends, hear the music, and gets paid. And comes home sober. Patrick and Mitch don't arrive until the morning, Friday nights belong to thier mom.

I am desperately tying to find a home for this Dalmation, but so far I haven't been convinced anyone who came forward wants him for anything except to breed or sell him. Poor thing deserves better. If I wasn't already a zoo we'd just keep him.

The kittens go next...they are nearly ready, and soooo cute! I have never seen such a brave and friendly batch of kitties, they'll find homes easy.

Well... it's off to bed for me. Imma going to a baby shower in the morning, and I have no clue how I'll wake up at this point.


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