Friday, February 25, 2005

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well, it's been a day. I refuse to call it a bad day, because I had some good moments, and I have certainly had worse days. (The time my two year old tossed my car rental keys into the Mediterranean Ocean is one of them.)

David, poor sweetie, has allergies. Meds make him tired, so unless we have a good reason to believe there's something he might react to, we don't medicate him daily. So, here and there he ends up with itchy eyes, snuiffles, sinus flare-ups. These he can handle. He looks a terror, but he's able to function.

Once in awhile, however, he gets a headache. Sometimes it's a bad headache, and when he's lucky it stops there. Sometimes unfortunately it creeps right over into a mirgraine. He is then one miserable kid.

Today was one of those days.

I took him to work with me (no school... if you've ever had a migraine you know that wouldn't have worked.) and he slept on a cot all day. Meds didn't begin to touch it until after eight this evening.

I had plans to take him to the doctor, but I was alone at the doctor today waiting for the phone company to turn on a phone line and install DSL. I figured after they left we would still have time to go to the doctor. Of course the guy wasn't at the office until four pm, and by that time it was too late for the doctor. On the bright side, the technician was one of the friendliest most professional people I have met in a long time.

It was raining on the way home, pouring buckets of water so thick I could barely see. It's been raining so much lately we're having flooding issues. (Have I mentioned I live in New Mexico? In the desert? Where it rains very little??) My half hour drive became a one hour crawl. I'd whine, but it was the most relaxing part of my whole day. lol.

Arriving home I got to four wheel my way up the mud pit we call a driveway and then make three trips in the sludge to get my stuff into the house. The dogs were so grateful to see me when I let thier bedraggled bodies in. Have I mentioned they are big dogs? Huge digs? Big, wet, smelly, muddy, really to happy to see me dogs? Yeah. ::grins:: Am I not lucky to be loved?

I was sent a link today, for anyone who might be interested. It has pop-up ads, but if your blocker is on, they were tolerable, and the site was cool enough to visit dispite it.

It has games, stuff for kids, recipes, printable stuff for coloring and decoraring, crafts, etc. I am not a stay at home mom, but I figure even working mom's have a right to enjoy some of this stuff. :)

Tomorrow I am going to run an ad for this sweet Dalmation. He's a dear, but my dogs are not happy with him and we have fighting too much. Someone will get hurt. Also on my list is getting David's hair cut, unless we do the Doctor thing.

Anyway, all this is boring I am sure. :) Unless you're me, then it's all paradise.

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