Saturday, March 12, 2005

Good Stuff

It's not tomorrow,
it's still

I was puttering around the internet checking out some of my favorite sites, and decided I wanted to share one of them:

Kaleidoscope Painter

<---------I made this on the Kaleidescope site. :)

Our World is a Kaleidoscope
by Siir Kilkis
Turning a kaleidoscope,
Many wonders are seen.
Myriads of colors connecting,
Enriching one another,
Forming innovative patterns together.
All because diversity brings creativity.
(more of this poem here.)

I frequent a great many websites, probably too many. I absorb a lot of junk, and see a lot of useless information. The good news is that I also find a great many very neato spots. Sometimes it's places that teach me something, or inspire me, or make me laugh. Sometimes, like this little cool site, it's just some little diversion that relaxes me for a few. That sounds unimportant, but believe me... I know the true value of relaxation, and no matter how small and insignificant the catalyst might be, if it helps me unwind and forget the little things, then it is very worthwhile.

Check this neat little site out.

Oh!... and while I am on the topic of letting go of the little things... my very cool ex, Kerry Logan, once had a conversation with me in which he told me there were two rules, and only two rules, in life.

They are as follows:

Rule #1. Don't sweat the small... stuff.
(No he didn't say stuff... but this is a family site.)

Rule #2. Everything is small stuff.
Good rules, wherever you are today,

Kerry, if you ever read this ... thanks for the great lesson.

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