Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Digging In

The business I work for is in the process of a geographical move. New office, new warehouse, all the way across town. Last night a friend of mine, Michael (who is a technological genius) came to the new office to give me a hand with some things and mentioned that he coldn't count the number of offices he had seen me in since he met me about six years ago. I hadn't really thought about it, but realized that he was right. I have probably had eight offices and four jobs just in the past six years. Egads.

I know enough about myself to see that I move around alot. I have done so much of my life. I've lived in twelve states, two countries, and nineteen cities. My son pointed out Easter morning that in seven more months we will have tied our longest stint in any one house: three years. Sounds awful, huh? Part of it is from my military days, we moved alot because of the Service. Part of it during my own childhood was from having parents who were divorced and both moved a great deal. Part of it was because of my own nasty divorce, which made it hard to stay anywhere long if I wanted to make ends meet.

For awhile times were very tough.

We don't feel much sorrow at our shallow roots of the past. The ones we have now are planted firmly enough, and we've no intention on moving anywhere, unless we win enough money to buy a ranch or something. It's been hard sometimes. Knowing the people we meet might be far away in a year or two. Trying to hang on to pets and find new homes that will let us keep them. Being in a new town with no support. But for everything we've lost there is another we've gained. Our past made us who we are, and we all know enough (even my kids) to feel like we're lucky to have the experiences.

Moving doesn't frighten us, I think either of my own two boys could go off to school tomorrow and feel unafraid and ready to face any challenge that meets them. We've learned to make friends quickly, learned to let go when we need to, and learned what among of of our possesions we cannot do without. My children have the ability of knowing that if they want anything anywhere they can go get it. Travel isn't a dream for them, it is a reality. And these days, we've chosen to settle. We're part of something bigger... a family, a culture, and a history we're making for ourselves. I think that, for me, traveling will be something I do for vacation and work, but my home will remain here in New Mexico.

Not bad, I think, the life I've lived. :)

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