Thursday, January 10, 2008

Find of the Day

I am one of those people who constantly reminisce about "the good old days". Back when people had manners, what you ate was what you thought you were eating, and there was no question about whether burning the American flag was okay or not.

But like many people, I have new age senility. I forget sometimes with though so much might have gone wrong with the world in the past decades, so much has also gone right. The advance of health and technology, human equality and rights are on the rise, and of course the internet.

It's little ads like the ones I found today, the following being an example, that remind me that the Good old days weren't necessarily better in all respects, just different. There are some things I miss from way back when (like cleaner air) and there are things I don't miss (see the ads for more examples.)

Can you name ten things you liked about the good old days, and ten things you don't miss at all?

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