Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rough Week (s)

It's been a hectic week or two. If it could go wrong, it has gone wrong. We ran out of propane, which is both how we cook and heat our home, about a week ago. Several days before that our car was involved in a six car collision in the canyon just outside of Albuquerque (driver hydroplaned on ice and crossed over the median head-on into traffic. Brian was in the car, and had no injuries, but it totaled the car.) Two days later we ran out of Propane at the office, and the propane company said they were out of propane and it would be a week before they got any in. I borrowed my mothers car, which has no heat, and so I have been suffering in the cold more than a bit. (We can't afford to fill the tank at hoe until we fix my car situation, not enough money to go all the way around.

In short, it has been a difficult week or so.

I find myself fearful at all this talk of recession, thinking that if things are hard now, how bad it could become if the economy were to take a nose dive.

Even so, I am not good at focusing on problems. Call it optimism or Ostrich Syndrome, but it seems pointless to dwell on what you can't change right now.

I have been enjoying the company of my eldest son, Logan, who has been home for a couple of days sharing transportation with me. My youngest isn't as social with me, but he's doing pretty good in school, and has been developing a more grown up personality. Coming into his own, so to say. It's fun to watch.

I have an itch to do a photo session, so hopefully soon I'll have more to share in that area, until then, it all good wishes to all of my friends out there. :)


C. said...

Hi! Oh m'gosh! Thank you so much for popping over...and for keeping me on your alerts!

Yes...I don't know that I would call my leaving a hiatus...I truly never intended to return when I left. We'll see how it goes. It's been a long time.

How do I get an alert to your blog? I don't see where to sign...;) C.

Anonymous said...

I really like how you stay optimistic.. There are just so many uncertainties in life ~ it seems pointless to let things drag us down.

And yet, I do it anyway!

I'm glad no one was hurt in the accident. I speak from experience when I say I know how scary that is, but then also how lucky you feel afterward for having made it through safely. Tends to put things into perspective ~ even with the loss of the vehicle.

Thank you for stopping by my journal and leaving a comment! Hope the rest of your week is peaceful!