Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Notes and Friends :)

I had a friend wayyyyy back when I was in the Navy, a guy by the name of Joseph Blair. Joseph was a pretty good guy, and I ended up nicknaming him Joseph Bear, or JoeBear. (I had a teddy bear obsession.) I lost touch with JoeBear for many years, but we found one another last year, onlne. (long story, one I will tell another day...)Anyway, recently JoeBear kinda quit emailing or doing IMs for awhile... partially because of the Hurricanes. (he was in Florida when the bad ones came through.)
The other day I wrote him a quick poem... kinda a "where are you" poem. he wrote back. Here's the emails....
Hiya Joe-Bear!
How are you?
I miss our conversations!
Our little quips, and limericks,
and other annotations....
I'm hoping soon you'll find the urge
to write me notes again,
So I won't pine from sad neglect
and missing my dear friend. ;)
It is nice to see
my dear, young friend
that your psycic powers
do not end.

Was thinking of you
just yesterday
and how we use to laugh
and play.

A teasing touch
a warm little smile
that has been missing
for too long a while.

Your timing was perfect.

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