Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What makes it work

It's been two years and six months since I met Brian. Wow. I only can tell because the kids are so much older. My love for the man is stronger and deeper than ever. We are such a good thing together.

Are there hard times? Oh yeah. We squabble, the kids squabble, sometimes things get icky. That fairly normal though, and we get through it. I worry alot, that the kids won't always get all they need (money is stretched tight when ya got five kids) and that something might happen to break up my dream that I wake up living every day.

But that's normal too.

I make my share of mistakes, we all do. But we live through em, and grow stronger and wiser, and usually closer, because of the bumps.

If I could wish the people I know one good thing for thier lives, it would be the love I have in my life. This is the kind of love that makes money seem insignificant, illness manageable, hardships an adventure. This family is the air I breathe, the heart that beats in my chest, and every hope and dream I have ever dared wish for.

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