Thursday, November 06, 2008

Always Looking Up.

It has been a full few weeks. Not good, not bad, but certainly containing element's of both.

I've had several photo shoots I was excited about, but which evaporated before fruitation, and other unexpected photo shoots which turned out wonderful.

Two shows in the past thirty days, (the second which begins tomorrow) and others up and coming.

Quality time spent with my oldest boy who I don't see nearly as often as I'd like to.

Frightening news that my father has a "mass" of unknown origin behind a kidney, for which we have to get a biopsy for on Tuesday.

Continuing arrival of paid photography work, which is certainly a good thing in this economy.

Discovering a friend whom I have long missed will be returning to Albuquerque within the next two weeks.

The thrill of watching Obama win the election last Tuesday, and knowing it was in my lifetime. And I was part of it.

There is so much, everyday, which happens in my life, and I have many years of practice in which to find the best of it all and be grateful.

It is a magical world I live in, and I am looking up.

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MariesImages said...

Beautiful portrait!
Love the lighting~