Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking Moment to Say Thank You

(Thanks to Pam Roth for the Photo)

Veterans Day is important to me.

According to Info Please there were 23.6 million veterans in the U.S. in 2007. With numbers like that, the likelihood that you know a veteran are high.

Both my grandfather and my great grandfather served in the military, my father served, I served, both of my husbands served. Having been a member of the armed forces and having lived as a military wife for nine years I have known and been friends with more military personnel than I have ever known civilians in all my life. Even after becoming a civilian myself I worked for several years with an organization for helping needy and homeless veterans.

For me, celebrating Veterans Day isn't about what beliefs that either myself or anyone else might hold about politics, or the country we live in, or in war in general. It's about honoring those people who sacrifice to serve their country. And it is a sacrifice. For whatever reason a man or women joins the service, they give so much, and usually get so little in return.

They often risk their lives, they get very little pay, and if they have family even their family sacrifices. But usually the service member is happy to do it. Proud to serve, proud to know they are doing their part to keep the country they love strong.

Last year my eldest son introduced me to one of his friends, and part of the introduction was... "...and hey, my mom is a Veteran!" He told me later how proud he is when he can tell people that. It meant so much to me, because so often it easy is to feel like that part of your life is unappreciated and unimportant anymore.

If you know a veteran, tell them thanks today. Tell them how proud you are of them. They love the United States, make sure you let them know you love them back :)

Veteran's Day Tribute

When America had an urgent need,
These brave ones raised a hand;
No hesitation held them back;
They were proud to take a stand.

They left their friends and family;
They gave up normal life;
To serve their country and their God,
They plowed into the strife.

They fought for freedom and for peace
On strange and foreign shores;
Some lost new friends; some lost their lives
In long and brutal wars.

Other veterans answered a call
To support the ones who fought;
Their country had requirements for
The essential skills they brought.

We salute each and every one of them,
The noble and the brave,
The ones still with us here today,
And those who rest in a grave.

So here's to our country's heroes;
They're a cut above the rest;
Let's give the honor that is due
To our country's very best.

By Joanna Fuchs

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