Sunday, November 09, 2008

Clowning Around

Or: This Isn't So Funny

Do you like clowns? If you currently like clowns, did you as a child?

I like them well enough now, and I even recall enjoying their antics when i was about 9 years old or so at the Circus while they were crawling out of cars (you know... the classic 15 clowns in a car that shouldn't fit one grown man in it gig) and doing funny tricks. But when I think back to memories I might have of clowns before that, I don't think I thought they were funny. Or cute. Or adorable. I thought they were creepy and menacing.

Even as an adult, I can see why. Even though they are dressed in bright colors, covered in silly motif's and carrying around balloons, there is something just not right about a face with that crazy make-up on.

For that matter I can't remember my children, my nieces or nephews, or any other child I have ever known to not react with trepidation to an approaching clown, if not outright terror.

That's me in the photo up there. Hired out to be the happy spot for the kiddos birthday party. The adults thought I was a hoot. The kids cowered in fear. Mom and dad asked that I hold the birthday boy up for a shot of us together. I noticed he didn't look happy, they said" Naw, he loves you! He's just tired!"

Hmm. Dunno, I think sometimes we as parents might try to hard to live vicariously through our kids. Or maybe I am just being too serious.

After all... who listens to the clown?

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