Friday, September 02, 2005

Photo for Katrina's Victims

I haven't mentioned the disaster on the gulf coast too much because I am so frustrated I am not quite sure what to say. I've lived through a couple of hurricanes myself (I was in Florida for Andrew) and a few other scary natural ickies (an Earthquake and a volcanic eruption in Italy that all frightened me bad.) And I never had to go through what those people on the Gulf are going through.

It kills me.

Our family has donated what we can... and I am trying to also volunteer through my local chapter to do what I can physically or otherwise. I suspect it won't be enough... and I am struggling with it.

I can't get past thinking that we can get food, water and medical aid to other countries when we are at war a lot faster than we are doing in our own backyard. And I was under the impression that we were trying to be prepared for distasters in case of terrorist attacks... If this is any indication of our preparedness levels, we're in trouble. As are our counrymen in need now.
My heart goes out to them, all of them... and I am doing what I can.
Here's my photo as suggested by John:

Thanks John.

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