Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Making Magic

I love to smile.... enthusiasm powers me. While I have a fairly ordered life, spontanaity is still a part of me left over from my youth which I treasure beyond words. Nothing like an impromtu picnic, a drive to some surprise destination at the last moment with a friend or family member, or giving into an urge to do something unexpected for a dear one.

So imagine how happy I am when the love of my life, Brian, brings me little tidbits of affection from wherever he may be working for the week. I never know when to expect these things, and there is no guessing what he might present me with. he knows me well, and his gifts are as much designed to please me as to make me laugh.

He's brought me crawfish for my fish tank, seedlings for my garden, and unusual pottery because he knows the patterns will set off my imagination. A box of empty thread spools because I might like them for crafts, sweets and chocolates and a t-shirt. For Valentines day he gave me a 9mm automatic because he knows that while I don't like hnting, I love to go to a shooting range. (Let me tell you the grief he got from his friends over that one!) He brought me little snakes and scorpions, (I'm a tomboy... he knows me well) a quilt, a camera bag and a tripod he found at a garage sale. For the most part, it's not the money he's spent... the items are usually found somewhere and he just knows me well enough to know what will make me smile.

That's real magic. Real love. Better than money or any superficial show of affection. It's caring enough to get to know someone, and taking the time to think of them when it isn't always convenient.

I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Breath of Enchantment ©2006, Dawn Allynn

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