Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whining Loudly

Okay. If you read my blog, (and you probably don't, I don't think anyone does... but's that's okay) you know all about my studio. Either way, there's been an "issue" with my beloved space, and I hafta share.

For those of you who don't read the blog, about two months ago I was excited because my assistant and I decided to go out on a limb and get a studio. My mother owns some apartments and she let me one for a very reasonable rate. That gives me two large rooms for studios, a dressing room, storage space, a full bath, a kitchen, and on top of it all it is in an area of town considered to be "prime commercial" so I have easy access to customers. First thing I did was to insure my equipment, my studio, and my belongings there.

Next I went all out and bought lights, and assorted other items I needed for my studio. I haven't finished it altogether, but it's been a working studio and I have appointments and more. I have been so thrilled.

Yesterday the city had contractors work on a sewer line near the house, the the sewer backed up and flooded the entire studio with disgusting waste. Anything touching the floor or near it was soaked, and is a total loss. The city recommends a hazardous waste team come in and do a clean and destroy mission. :(

I did not carry a flood damage policy, nor did my mother. We live in the desert, and you simply don't expect floods here. The city isn't liable, and we have to prove the contractors to be at fault, which could prove tricky. I am soooo bummed.

My camera and laptop were safe, thank God. But I still feel a need to mope.

So, here I am ... whining with the best of them.

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Crystal said...

I read your blog! Hope that doesn't come across as creepy...

Can I wine too? And get some cheese with that wine? ;) Cheer up, we'll think of something.